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ͬת www.ship180.com 1. ֪ͨ Էװ We are glad to inform you that the goods you ordered in September have been shipped by M/S \\"Pacific\\" due to leave Shanghai port on December 10.

We have made a special effort to complete your order in time and trust the fine quality of our goods will give you full satisfaction.

2. ֪ͨ Էȴװ You request us to inform you when your order No. 250 is ready for shipment.

We are pleased to advise you that your order is completed and awaiting shipping at our plant.

3. ֪ͨ Էװ We confirm dispatch of your order per M/S America, and give the packing arrangements to facilitate at your end.

We trust the c**ignment arrives in good order and gives you complete satisfaction.

4. ֪ͨԷָʾ ᵥ We acknowledge receipt of your confirmation that your c**ignment should be sent by airfreight, and have accordingly forwarded the goods.

We trust that the c**ignment arrives safely.

We have enclosed the air waybill in this letter.

5. ֪ͨԷתװļ In order to cover shipment, we have drawn a draft at sight under your L/C, and have negotiated the shipping documents through The Bank of China.

We ask you to honor it on presentation.

6. ֪ͨԷѼijװļ The commercial invoice, packing list, and insurance policy, together with clean on board ocean B/L, have been sent through The Bank of China, with our sight draft under your irrevocable L/C.

Please advise us of the safe arrival of the goods.

7.  Ҫӽװ Concerning our order No. 351 for 5,000 sets of color TV, you have so far shipped only 3,000 units against the shipment during August.

When we placed the order, we gave our customers a definite assurance that we could supply the goods by the end of October.

Therefore we request your urgent shipment.

8. ٽҪԷ֪ͨʱ Your delay has caused us c**iderable inconvenience and we request you do your utmost to dispatch the overdue goods as soon as possible.

Please inform us urgently when you can ship them with certainty so that we can promise a definite time of delivery to our customers who are proposing to cancel this order.

9. ҪԷ֪ The goods we ordered were urgently required to meet an immediate requirement and we requested you to forward them by the first available cargo airline at once.

However we have not yet received any shipping advice from you.

Please let us know by fax when you can ship our order.

10. Ҫ֪ͨװȡ You are requested to inform us immediately when shipment can be effected so that our customer may plan their production schedule.

If you cannot make shipment within this month, we must ask you to accept cancellation of our order.

11. 򹤳ְԱչڳ We regret very much your complaint of September 30 that we have not yet been able to execute your order No. 351.

The work at the plant was suspended for several weeks during the employees' strike.

However we have been doing everything possible in our power to deliver the goods within three weeks, and are arranging for shipment.

12. ȡӳװ Our government has recently put an embargo on the export of various medicines to your country and we have to obtain a special license to execute your order.

We think the delay will not be more than three weeks, and we shall give your order special priority immediately on receiving permission to make shipment.

13. װӳǸ ֪Ԥװ To execute shipment as soon as possible, we are making special arrangements to ship and will be able to catch the next ship, scheduled to set sail on October 25.

We apologize to you for this unfortunate delay and are doing our utmost to make shipment as quickly as possible.

14. ˵չʹװӳ We are very sorry that causes completely beyond our control have made it impossible for us to keep the shipment date of October 20.

The recent traffic strike held up supplies of new materials and resulted in a delay of a mouth.

15. Ӧȡ We have made every possible effort to speed up delivery but unfortunately in vain.

Under the circumstances, we have no alternative but to accept your cancellation, but we would ask you to understand that the delay was in no way caused by any negligence on our part.

16. װ ޷ȡ We ordered on April 10 the 10 units of computer for shipment during June.

As the goods have not yet been dispatched, we must ask you to ship them without any further delay.

Unless the order is executed within three weeks we shall have to cancel it.

17. ӦͻҪǰ װָʾ Please send half of the 500 units of this order by airfreight as they are urgently required by our customers.

You will no doubt proceed with your arrangements for transport by sea for the rest of the 500 units of the c**ignment.

We would ask you to be careful to seal the case into a watertight bag.

18. ҪĿĸ Owing to the increase of c**ignments arriving at Dalian port, discharge of the cargos seems to be much delayed, and we must ask you to change the port of destination.

We would like you to send the goods to Yantai port and there should be no alteration in shipping date.

To cover the risk of the increased distance we request you pay special attention to packing.

19. װΪ Concerning the trade terms in your quotation, the shipping time is ten months after receiving an order.

However, could you shorten the period to six months after receiving an order?

If this is acceptable to you, we will let you have an order for 100 units of your goods now.

Please let us have your prompt reply.

20. 豸ĸĽ ǰ In our previous letter we could not guarantee the delivery within six months.

We are glad to inform you that we have improved our production facilities and are now in a position to offer shipment within three months after receiving an order.

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